The levelling machine, how to use it and why

The use of laser levellers in the agricultural sector allows farmers to save a lot of water (thus avoiding useless waste of water, which is becoming more and more valuable) and to optimize the surface conditions of all kinds of soils (also removing stagnant water, which may spoil the crop).     

The operation of these agricultural machines is simple: a zero or one/two slopes plan is set on a laser transmitter and the leveller copies this same plan onto the ground by means of an automatic control system.


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The leveller is a machine created with the aim of displacing and levelling the ground by means of a blade and with the possible aid of a laser or a GPS System.

After many years of studying and practical experience on the field, the conclusion has been that the most economic, accurate and fast way to level any kind of material (earth, sand, gravel etc.) is by the use of laser/GPS controlled towed levellers and scrapers.

In fact, it is the operating system that can produce the greatest yield (compared to all the other ones).