Why buy a FONTANA levelling machine?

Fontana levellers have particular features that make them different from its competitors, such as strength, stability and above all its modular structure

“Modular structure” states the flexibility of the machine setup according to the working needs, from the front hook to all the different rear trolleys and the working width of the blade.

This last feature is the most important: each series of towed leveller has got 3 or more models (each with its own width) and users can have one or the others simply by using some extension modules. It’s like having 3 or more different levellers, while it is actually always the same one! E.g. users can first use the narrow blade for earth-moving work and create the finishing touch afterwards using the larger blade.

Users can also change the incidence of the blade (manually or hydraulically) according to the type of ground (thus being able to work under any condition and saving fuel). The inclination of the side wings can be changed accordingly.

There are three different types of trolleys, according to the working width of the blade and the levelling needs: Telescopic trolley (4/6 wheels), trolley with arms (6/8/10 regular or wide wheels) and central fulcrum trolley (6/8/10 regular or wide wheels). This central fulcrum trolley is designed to construct transversal  slopes, thus it is especially used for industrial levelling works and usually coupled with the double mast (for a double laser receiving system). This “double mast system” is becoming more and more popular specifically for the advantage of working with a continually well-balanced blade.

Some other accessories which can be added to our levellers are: the electric valve (standard on-off or proportional as an option), the independent hydraulic system with the tank-pump-multiplier kit (standard or as an option), the hydraulic receiver holder mast (standard), the hydraulic tilt on the trolley (standard), the lighting system to circulate on roads.

All FONTANA levellers with working width more than 2.5m can be closed up (manually or hydraulically – both blade and trolley) allowing them to be transported on roads and facilitates easy loading on vehicles (no need for special ones!)

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